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Sustainability: making good progress through global efforts

I am very proud to announce that Pernod Ricard has been recognized today as one of the United Nations Global Compact LEAD companies, the only wine and spirits company to receive this accolade this year.

The United Nations Global Compact consists of over 9,500 companies whose role is to focus on how the private sector can advance the universal 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals – the world’s to-do list on people, prosperity and the planet. Being recognized as one of Global Compact’s LEAD 30+ companies demonstrates that our Group has been actively engaged in taking steps to help achieve these global 2030 goals – working together with others from a variety of different industries to help find common solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental and social problems.

For us at Pernod Ricard, taking sustainable actions and ensuring we have a positive impact is nothing new. Indeed, my grandfather Paul Ricard created the Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute over 50 years ago, with the aim of better understanding and protecting the Mediterranean. Nurturing and protecting the ecosystems and our terroirs is paramount to ensure the longevity of our business. We are no longer in an age where business performance and sustainability can be separated, and we recognise that with business growth comes our obligation to ensure that this is not to the detriment of the planet or its people.

I believe we all have our role to play in moving towards a more sustainable future and being involved in a cross-industry partnership such as Global Compact is key.

By collaborating with others – something we already do very well as Créateurs de Convivialité - we can share best practices and apply an innovative approach to Sustainability & Responsibility.

We look forward to continuing our work with Global Compact, honouring our LEAD status by further integrating sustainability throughout our business strategy and engaging with our fellow LEAD companies to drive progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. 

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