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Sustainable Clean Water Solutions

State-of-the-art ATMs equipped with remote monitoring technology for quality and usage have been installed for underserved communities at 8 locations with innovative entrepreneurship model involving local youth and women SHGs for managing operations.

Reaching out to communities for whom access to clean and safe drinking water remains a major struggle in leading healthy and disease-free lives, our program aligned to SDG target 6.1 has deployed 45 water ATMs in Nagpur, Nashik, Palwal (Haryana), Behror, (Rajasthan), Delhi, Sahibganj (Jharkhand), Khurda (Odisha) and parts of West Bengal. These water ATMs provide year round access to safe and subsidized drinking water to close to more than 1,50, 000 persons. The state-of-the-art ATMs have been equipped with remote monitoring technology to ascertain quality and amount of source and filter water processed. Apart from this, they are provided with solar panels for continual functionality and recharge pits for reject water treatment to optimize water use efficiency. For a sustainable impact in the long run, in Maharashtra, the program has employed a community ownership model to groom women SHGs or local entrepreneurs within the community to manage the ATMs, sustaining livelihoods from the revenue generated from subsidized sale of water.