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Social Impact Incubator
Chapter II

Women Social Entrepreneurs & Changemakers 

Women are one of the most affected members of our communities  however also the most resilient. At Pernod Ricard India Foundation, we are committed to involve, enable and empower the women who are out to change the status quo. Our Social Impact Incubator aims to Invest in empowering women and supporting their endeavours and provide them with a powerful opportunity to catalyze not only their economic and social empowerment but essentially that of the society at large. In Partnership with IIM Calcutta Innovation Park and IIIT Hyderabad CIE, The W(e) program aims to provide a platform for women entrepreneurs and women-led social enterprises with access to mentorship, business development support, technology and more than ₹6 crores of incubation and fellowship support fund.  

We invite applications from women entrepreneurs and women-led enterprises working towards driving social change through Livelihoods, Education, Healthcare, Water and Environmental programs targeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and National Indicators.

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If You are a Woman Entrepreneur or your enterprise is lead by Women



If you are an Individual or a group working with Women as the core focus group